The Fake Campaign

We are all prone to “faking” something – pretending we’re happy when we’re not, pretending we know more than we do; we fake emotions and we fake behaviors. But God calls us to be real with him and with other people. InterVarsity’s new proxe station, “Faking It”, is a provocative interactive display to use on campus. The station leads students through four panels, each one asking them to explore a different aspect of Faking It – how they see others faking it, how they fake it, what Jesus has to say about faking it and what it means to be real, and ultimately leading them to a gospel presentation.

Proxe Panels

Our Campus



Four Circles

SIZE: 30’’x 40’’($60) priced per four panel set. TO ORDER: Staff Store. Email with specific customizations, early orders.

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Teaching and Training Materials
Fake Proxe Script
Fake Pocket Proxe Script
Four Circles Pocket Gospel

Fake Tent Set-up Instructions
How to Wrap Proxes on Foamboard

Fake Catalog Sheet
Fake Poster Blank: 11 by 17 in.
Fake Poster Blank: 8 1/2 by 11 in.
Fake Social Media Pack

Large Group Series
Fake 3 Week Large Group Series
"This is Who I Am" Worship Song
First Large Group Sample Talk by Doug Schaupp

Small Group Series
Fake Small Group Series

11 Steps to Great Follow-up


Horizontal banner for your table. SIZE: 32’’x72’’(6ft) TO ORDER: Staff Store- note: “fake”. $26 on poly pro, $50 on vinyl. For custom, email


A splash video for introducing
the concepts at a post-NSO large group


Do it yourself! A zipped folder of all the
Fake visual promo elements, for making
your own .pdfs,.jpgs, .png, .ai, .eps, etc.

Catalog Sheet

Take a look at the different graphics
and resources available to you
for the Fake Proxe Station.


FRONT: Smiley Face, I'm faking it.
BACK: InterVarsity logo
SIZES: all Mens & Women’s
TO ORDER: InterVarsity Store

Pocket Proxe

FRONT: Everyone Fakes It
BACK: Luke Story & script
  InterVarsity Store $5 for 50