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The Hope Campaign

Jesus is the great reconciler of all things and all people.  We want to live his calling of racial healing and justice on campus, and we want to proclaim his reconciling power.  The Hope Proxe will help you and your students take steps in doing both of these, God willing.  This has been a creative, collaborative effort between the MultiEthnic, Evangelism, 2100 and Chapter Building Departments.  

Proxe Panels

Panel 1: Our Past  Panel 2: Our Campus  Panel 3: Mark 11:15-19  Panel 3: Four Circles  SIZE: 30"x 40" ($60) priced per four panel set. SIZE: 30"x 40"($60) priced per four panel set. 20" by 30" also available  TO ORDER: Staff Store. Email with specific customizations, early orders.


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MLK, Quote and InterVarsity Logo  BACK: InterVarsity Logo,  Join the Movement text and pictures of Five Christian heroes in the cause of racial reconciliation and justice SIZES: all Unisex  TO ORDER: InterVarsity Store

Do it yourself! A zipped folder of Hope Proxe visual promo elements, for designing on your own (jpgs, .png, .ai, .eps, etc.)

FRONT: Area to respond and MLK quote  BACK: Mark 11:15-19 & script SIZE: 5”x7”  TO ORDER: InterVarsity Store $5 for 50


A brief description of the Hope Proxe including testimonies from Students who have used it on campus.