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Ministry Partnership Development Presentations

A Strategic Mission

God has given InterVarsity an amazing and strategic mission. We work with women and men from all
kinds of backgrounds during a period of their life when they are actively exploring relationships, careers,
and ideas. "Witnessing communities" are at the heart of our strategy. We actively draw students and faculty
into campus Christian communities where they grow spiritually. We send graduating students into
the world to serve God’s purposes for a lifetime. This page highlights resources for telling that story.


Writing a Ministry Plan

A ministry plan or a ministry “case” articulates
what you plan to do, why, and what results you
are hoping to see. In a clear and compelling language it paints
a picture of the ministry for both you and potential partners.
The case can take several forms. The following documents
help explain cases further.

What is a Case?

Six Questions of a Case


There are many videos that you can use
help tell the InterVarsity story. Here are a
few that you can download and use:

What are you Doing Here?

What Matters to InterVarsity

Transform, Renew, Change

Red Cup Documentary

Customizable Paper Case Brochures

More Help

To see many other
fundraising ideas, check out
the new website for


Other Case Presentations

Here are a couple
case presentations,for
powerpoint and the iPad.

iPad Keynote Ministry Presentation


Story Telling

Some helpful guidances
for making your ministry
stories compelling. 

Story Telling Basics

The Story Sparkline

Seven Sentences for Stronger Stories

Sample Scripts

Here are some sample
scripts to present your team
or campus mission.

Presenting the Team Mission

Presenting Your Campus Mission

What is InterVarsity? Answers