Thank You Email Template: Echo Style

Short thank you notes are a great way to use email. Send short emails more often. Donors will take a moment to read a short note and appreciate hearing from you. A little color makes the email more interesting and special. Write a couple of sentences about something going on right now in the ministry. Include a link to more information at the website or to photo galleries. This is a basic InterVarsity html email template. Sending email with color and images is becoming both easier and more common. However, formatted email still works with some email programs and not with others. If you use any of the following let us know how well they work for you. Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007 read HTML code differently. Most of these templates look better in Outlook 2003. To use this template... Click on a file, it should open in your browser View Source and then use "Control a" to select everything in the template Use "Control c" to copy everything in the template Open your html capable email program and start a new message Use "Control v" to paste the template into the new message Now edit the text and pictures