Amy Hu

Associate Producer

Growing up with the TV as her babysitter could have turned out badly. But while her parents were busy running a Chinese restaurant full-time, Amy was busy becoming the go-to film critic for her classmates, and then a budding filmmaker. Her first production was called The Fly Swatter Squad, wherein it bemoaned the invasion of house flies during the summer months. In college at UCLA she pursued filmmaking and also became involved with InterVarsity. But filmmaking adventures aren’t all that Amy enjoys; she also has a penchant for food, be it baking or tasting – and she will taste anything (she’s even tasted camel’s hump!). The rest of us at 2100 may not be so adventurous with our taste buds, but we are grateful for people who push us to experience new things – and Amy does that in spades!

Alma Mater: 
University of California, Los Angeles, BA in Mass Communications