Ashlye Vanderworp

Writer & Proofreader

Ashlye hails from Texas, and her life is full of sass and passion. During college, Ashlye felt such a strong pull to enter ministry but didn't know where to start. Thankfully, her time in InterVarsity at The University of Texas, including going to Urbana 12, helped her to see that God wants us to use all of our gifts for his glory, so she continued on and got her degree with the plan to use it for ministry. Right out of college, she served as the public relations manager of a different ministry but is grateful to be back "home" at InterVarsity were she’s able to incorporate her gifts with her passion for students, racial reconciliation, unity in the body of Christ, and the power of the gospel. From things like working to fix the broken things in this world, to to hunting down the best chicken nuggets, Ashlye’s passion drives her – and her big personality brings out the passion in the rest of us.

Alma Mater: 
University of Texas at Austin, BS in Public Relations