Drew Larson

Writer and Proofreader

One might say that Drew is a dabbler. He has dabbled in countless activities, both physical and intellectual in nature, including a year long pursuit to become a professional soccer player, and reading the encyclopedia for fun. But perhaps most telling is that growing up he was sure he would become either a comedian or a pastor. And although his life never quite took that direction he still tries out one-liner jokes on Twitter and reads theology books in his spare time. It’s the intersection of his humor and his thoughtfulness that makes him such an asset to the writing team. So while he is neither a professional comedian, nor a pastor, he is in ministry full-time as a writer where he can use his humor and his faith to shed light on the truth of Jesus to students on campus. So in the end, he’s found his sweet spot.

Alma Mater: 
Taylor University, BA in Communications; Northeastern University, MS in Nonprofit Management