Jeff Yourison

Campus Web Ministries Director

Perhaps a degree in Astronomy seems a curious place to start in a career that has been largely spent with InterVarsity, creating new ways to reach students with the message of Jesus. But upon closer inspection, the connection isn’t so very hard to make. Anyone who is enamored with the cosmos could be described as a dreamer – interested in the big ideas, the grandness of existence. In that vein, Jeff’s current role is in leading a team to envision InterVarsity’s future online. As is often the case with dreamers, Jeff’s head is often in the clouds. This leads to creative pursuits inside and outside of the office including writing, woodworking, and painting. Of course, having your head in the clouds can be detrimental when walking around on the earth – thus, there have been several close calls with vehicles. We love your free-spirited creativity, Jeff, but be careful!

Alma Mater: 
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, BA in Astronomy