Mark W. Breneman

Campus Web Professional

Mark’s official title may not be “Generalist Technologist” or “Expert Technologist,” but that is what he considers himself. His area of expertise isn’t in one specific arena, but rather in understanding the broad and diverse field of technology in general. In particular, he leads and oversees the team that maintains over 30 websites for InterVarsity’s many different departments, initiatives, and retreat centers.  The road to InterVarsity, indeed a career in technology, was rather circuitous, but God has clearly called Mark and his unique gifts to InterVarsity. True to the innovative spirit that led him to his current position, he’s a jack-of-all-trades. He spends his free time dabbling in electronics, woodworking, guitar playing, mechanics, and metal fabrication (think automotive projects); but family takes the most important slot in his free time.