Matt Yuen

Associate Producer

Telling stories is at the heart of Matt's passion for film; he has always loved a good visual story. His love for Disney stories is particularly strong; he has an enduring love for Lilo & Stitch, and even did an internship at Disneyland after graduating from college. Growing up, Matt did AV for his church and dipped his toes into creating some simple videos during high school, both of which led him to study media in college. He also loves to dip his toes into the ocean; as such, moving to Wisconsin, whose beaches are sadly ocean-less, was a bitter pill to swallow. But, he does get to work on a team whose passion for creating stories that impact the lives of students for Jesus is equal to his own – that makes the bitter pill a little sweeter. Also, he’s at home with the many Disney fans on the team.

Alma Mater: 
California State University, Chico, BA in Communication Design: Media Arts