Sharon Messmore

Staff Intern (International Student Ministry)

Sharon has meandered down to 2100 from InterVarsity's International Student Ministries (ISM) department for a few months to intern with us. Although, hers is a meandering with purpose; Twentyonehundred is a natural fit as her Bachelor’s degree was in Fine Arts, concentrating specifically on art/film and editing. Although her professional career has been largely in the area of communications for ISM, spending some time with 2100 will allow her to grow more deeply in her love of filmmaking and editing. As a general rule, we love storytelling in many forms here in 2100, be it on the screen or in print; so as you might guess, Sharon shares those loves. What you probably wouldn’t guess is her deep love for sailboats, old ships, and all things nautical history. Obscure (but interesting) fascinations aside, we are certainly glad that ISM is lending Sharon to us for a couple of months!

Alma Mater: 
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign; BFA, Concentration in New Media