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The Beyond Colorblind Proxe

The Beyond Colorblind Proxe Station is designed as a catalyst for conversations around the Gospel through students' ethnic stories.

Panel 1: Should we just be colorblind? options Panel 2: What is beautiful about your culture? options Panel 3: What is broken about your culture? options Panel 4: John 4 Panel 5: 4 Circles  SIZE: 30"x 40"  ($75) priced per five panel set. TO ORDER: Staff Store.


Hold the complete proxe in your hand! It won't really fit in your pocket but contains the entire proxe to enable conversations anywhere, especially if the display gets crowded.

Jump right into scripture on the quad, using this Beyond Colorblind Insta-GIG with a grafitti inspired graphic novel style.

Use this card to kickstart great follow-up with the Beyond Colorblind Proxe.

Spoken Word: The Woman at the Well

An artistic re-telling of Jesus and the Samaritan woman, from John 4. This works excellently to introduce the Beyond Colorblind campaign at conferences, Large Group, Small Group, or in Gigs. It can also be used with other proxe campaigns (Thirsty or Story Project). It helps any John 4 Bible Study, or related conversation with students.



Beyond Colorblind Proxe Script
Beyond Colorblind Pocket Proxe Script
Beyond Colorblind Insta-GIG Script

Four Circles Gospel
How to Coach a Proxe
Beyond Colorblind (The Book)

A T-Shirt to promote the Beyond Colorblind Campaign. Unisex sizes from S to 2XL

Editable Word poster (letter sized) for The Beyond Colorblind Campaign.

This includes Facebook Twitter and Instagram profile pictures, Facebook cover photos and more! (jpgs, .png, .ai, .eps, etc.)

Do it yourself! ... with these Beyond Colorblind visual promo elements, for designing on your own (jpgs, .png, .ai, .eps, etc.)