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The Story Project

The Story Project is a visual conversation starter meant to reach out to creative persons and artists through a mural display of art depicting the stories of Jesus and of artists creating story through visual art, writing, dancing, music, and more. 

The Mural 



Instead of a linear set of questions on panels, passersby are invited to take a look at a large picture and share what strikes them.  The passerby guest is then asked one question: what conflict affects their story (or the story of their loved ones)?  The host answers this question as well and then shares how the mural’s story or stories connect with the conflicts identified by the guest.  This discussion of art leads to conversation about faith and the sharing of the gospel.

The pilot was tested on 10+ campuses across the country: state schools, arts schools, urban commuter schools, private liberal arts schools, and conservatories.  We found that 1), arts students were proud to share the mural with friends as they invited them into spiritual conversation and 2), arts and non-arts students readily engaged in exploring the mural and having evangelistic spiritual conversation.  Because of the ethnic diversity of the persons in the art, it has helped draw a diverse group of students of every ethnicity, nationality, and faith background into conversation.  With the right followup and training, it can lead to planting new small groups, campuses, and new believers.

The Story Project comes with a set of training documents and ideas for followup.  Use it on your campus to plant at arts communities, to reach new students with the gospel, and to develop your leaders.


Shin hails from Cambridge, Massachusetts.  He started seeing faces and profiles in knotholes 25 years ago.  His "urban-stained-glass" look is inspired from comic books, the pictures he sees as he prays for his community and the city, and video games.  He is currently a student at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary, Boston.  Shin has served as the artist in residence at campus ministry conferences across the country.  
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This drawing was hand-drawn with ink and marker onto a paper.  The drawing was then scanned and converted into an electronic file in Adobe Illustrator, where the colors were added.
Graphic Design was provided by Gary Nauman & Sarah Shin.

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Large Mural: 108" by 72":
3  42" by 74" panels creates
completed piece of 108" wide by 72" tall
Side Panel- Conflict
30” by 40” panel for those who
purchased the mural before Feb. 2016.
30" by 20" for framing and
hanging on the wall