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The Vintage Video Collection

For more than 40 years 2100 has been producing media pieces to stimulate the imagination and call people to faithful living in Christ’s Kingdom. Many of the older videos don’t meet the technical standards of today’s HD video, but they still speak to the heart. Here are a few favorite videos from the past for you to enjoy. We will keep adding to the list. Let us know if you have an old favorite.

A short meditation on the cross
in art, scripture, and text.

A very short animation about
freedom and dependency.

A visual treatment of
the historic hymn.


This is a wordless, quiet, thoughtful
meditative visual treatment of a potter
throwing a pot on a wheel.

A statistical look at justice and
equality by the numbers (from 2002).
How much have things changed?

Habakkuk was a 6th Century B.C. Hebrew prophet. In 1980, 2100 produced an evangelistic multimedia presentation
based of the Old Testament book. It won a top award in international competition and toured college campuses for a half dozen years.
Habakkuk’s ancient message about evil, injustice, and God’s activity in the world are amazingly relevant to our modern world.
Many people ask the same questions today that Habakkuk asked God 2600 years ago.
Many also want to experience Habakkuk’s journey from fear to faith.

Unfortunately, the production is no longer available in any format,
but you can enjoy the original soundtrack.