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Your Future Campaign

All of us wrestle with questions of direction and purpose for our future. This proxe is designed to connect these questions to the gospel - for both non-Christians and Christians. Designed by AAM with Asian Americans in mind, these resources are easily applicable to students of all backgrounds.

Panel 1: What did you want to be when you were a kid? Options  Panel 2: How do you feel about your future career? Options  Panel 3: Luke 5 Panel 4: Four Circles   SIZE: 30"x 40" ($60) priced per four panel set. TO ORDER: Staff Store. Email graphics@intervarsity.org with specific customizations, early orders.

This includes Facebook & Twitter profile pictures, Facebook & Twitter cover banner photos and more!

A pocket proxe for use with the Your Future Campaign.

A Graphics Pack for use with the Your Future Proxe Campaign.

panel 2

Printable Panel Files

Printable Panel files are also available to download from
dropbox. Email graphics@intervarsity.org.

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