Old Testament Overview Pt. 4

The Old Testament is compiled of many books and authors. Despite having different contributors, the theme and direction of this collection of books are all the same: a holy God seeking out a fallen people in order to reconcile them to himself. Ultimately, this theme leads us to the person of Jesus who redeems the world and fixes the broken relationship between God and people. In Part 4 we meet the Judges of Israel. After the Israelites had wandered through the desert for many years, God instructed them to invade Canaan and take the land for their own. During the following years there was no king to rule; not only did this make for an unruly and disobedient population, but it also meant that the Israelites faced many invasions from outside. So, although the people disobeyed God and his law, he took mercy on them and sent deliverers, known as the Judges. The Judges were of widely varied character and ability, but they demonstrated what is still true today: God uses weak and non-traditional people for his purposes. God alone was Israel's savior then, and God alone is our savior today.

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