Prayer Booklet

From Ohio State staff Ram Sridharan: "We wanted to influence the prayer lives of students deeply. As more new Christians were added to our number and looking at the lives of our already Christians, our prayer lives seemed spotty at best. How could we start students on a journey of prayer? How could we lay foundations that would last them a lifetime? As we wrestled with these questions, the staff at Ohio State felt like a combination of fixed hour practices from Christian history and spontaneous prayer was key. We needed a way to pray God's word back to Him and make that our native tongue of prayer (a definition of liturgy). The idea for a prayer book was born." Designed by twentyonehundred, the book serves as a means of facilitating an individual and communal devotional life, combines personal and missional prayer, and helps with common prayer practices encouraged in InterVarsity. In it are instructions for morning, evening and night prayer, and helpful tips for prayer walks, prayer ministry, daily examen, lectio divina, inductive study, daily scripture tools like Thirsty, 2 plus cards, etc.