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Coaching Proxe Stations

Relevant Gospel Conversations.

Proxe stations have been indispensable ministry tools on campus, when they are coached properly. Unfortunately, in many setting, students decide to bring a proxe to campus, but the training is not strong, and people do not know their roles. Like in sports, the coach takes responsibility for the overall game plan, to do whatever it takes for “victory.” Same is true of a good proxe coach. The coach improvises when faced with the unexpected. The coach changes the plan when circumstances call for creativity. Often when you and your student leaders bring a proxe station to campus, it does not go exactly as planned. The coach trouble shoots and gives real tangible ways to improve the situation.


How to Coach a Proxe Station: Video

Please discuss this video with the students who will run your proxe.


Fill this worksheet out
before hosting your Proxe


For following up
with students